Coming soon: Google/Facebook integration and more!

After a little hiatus developing Scattervox, I’ve gotten back to work and am excited to announce that some new features should be available in a few weeks:

  • Google/Facebook integration: In addition to being able to register for a Scattervox account, users will now be able to log in quickly and easily using their existing Google or Facebook credentials.  Existing Scattervox users can log in using these services and their existing account will be linked automatically.
  • Image support: A picture’s worth a thousand words!  Images can now be uploaded and attached to a user’s profile and to individual polls.
  • Re-designed home page:  The home page now features less text and more direct links to featured polls.  Design across the entire site has been polished up and streamlined and I am working on making it more responsive to display on a wide variety of devices.
  • Much more!

Check back frequently: we’ll be rolling out the new version as soon as we’re confident it’s ready for “prime time.”

Development update: Help System

ScreenHunter_34 Jan. 15 22.25

So from the little usability testing I’ve done so far, I gather that Scattervox can be a little confusing at first.  So right now, I’m working on a “first-timer help system” that displays an explanation of how a given function works the first time a user visits that page.  After that, the “tip” will not be displayed again for the user.

The day is drawing near when testing will take its next step forward: a Facebook post to friends and family letting them know about Scattervox and inviting them to play…

New feature: Email a poll to your friends

Scattervox social buttons

So I realized about a month ago that Scattervox’s success will rely largely on people sharing polls through social media and web sites.  I put a set of “social” buttons on the page with every poll: Facebook Like, Google+, and Tweets.  I also created a way for people to generate embed codes that can be copied and pasted into their own blog or web site.  Makes sense, right?  So how did I miss email?  For people who like to do things the “ol’ fashioned way,” there is now a button to let Scattervox users email a link to a poll to up to 20 friends.  Click the button, enter your list of email addresses, add a little note, and off it goes!  Here’s what it looks like:

Scattervox email dialog

Could it be any easier than that?  Let me know if you think of other ways to share Scattervox polls!

Development continues: home page refinements and beta testing begins

Scattervox Home PageThis week has been all about the homepage – trying to make it easy for users to figure out what Scattervox is all about and inviting them to explore.  Tough juggling all of the elements and finding where each fits best: featured polls, overview, sign-up, social buttons, navigation, and, of course, ads.  Slowly but surely, though, something good is emerging.

Also, this week saw the first round of emails go out to “web-savvy” friends seeking feedback on the site.  No need to wait for an invite, though – if you want to give Scattervox a try, go there and start playing.  Feel free to leave comments here or use the “Contact” form on the site to send your constructive criticism and ideas to the site’s creator.

Welcome to Scattervox!

Welcome to the blog.  I will be using this space to share information with users about the development of this new web site.  Scattervox is a new kind of poll creation site.  Users can create polls structured around a “scattergram” infographic.  These polls ask voters to rank various people, places, or things on a two-dimensional graph where the axes represent different qualities or features.  For example, I could use Scattervox to create a poll where voters rank different brands of cars in terms of reliability (x-axis) and price (y-axis).  As people “vote,” the site calculates the average for each of the items in the poll and displays it for all to see.  There’s a lot more to it, but hopefully you get the basic idea.  I will be launching Scattervox officially some time in December.  In the meantime, I invite you to continue to monitor this blog and to use it to offer feedback.  Happy plotting and polling!